Educational Policy

The Baltic SME's have good opportunities for growth and show a marked potential for the securing of existing and the creation of new jobs. Qualified young people for vocational education and training and effectively performing employees with a high level of qualifications are the essential prerequisite which will enable the sector to avail itself of these opportunities. Energetic further development of educational policy and investment in education are the most important measures for the economic and societal development of the Baltic Region.

In the interests of promoting learning from and with one another and in order to develop tar-geted starting points for further developments in educational policy, a Working Group from the Hanseatic Parliament is, within the scope of an INTERREG Project, also undertaking an analysis of the educational systems in the countries bordering the Baltic and dealing with proposals relating to the targeted further development and increased quality of education in the Baltic Region.

On the left site you'll find a brief description of the general education and VET systems in all countries bordering the Baltic Sea. The following survey provides a synopsis of the educational systems and some theses on the further development of educa-tional policy in the Baltic Region:

Learning from and with another

Educational system in Denmark

Educational system in Estonia

Educational system in Finland

Educational system in Germany

Educational system in Latvia

Educational system in Lithuania

Educational system in Norway

Educational system in Poland

Educational system in Russia

Educational system in Sweden