Baltic Education

Recognition of professional qualifications in the BSR

The project aims at the development of an ECVET Credit point system for the countries of the Baltic Sea region of (BSR) that provides

  • a lasting quality improvement in the professional education and further education
  • transparency, builds on confidence and proceeds as unbureaucratically as possible
  • in the final result leads to a recognition/equality of professional degrees in the BSE
  • the promotion of the international cooperation as well as the exchange of teenagers/employees.

Against the background of these longer-term, general objectives, the project pursues the following special aims:

  • creation of a lasting, cross border ECVET partnership in the BSR, based on the existing network and cooperation's of the Hanseatic Parliament and by expansion of the public institutions responsible for the professional education
  • construction of a cross border cooperation and information platform in the BSR
  • intensive information exchange about EQF and particularly to ECVET as well as deepening of the principles and methods by the example of a special profession (e.g. bricklayer)
  • development of suggestions, systems, method and agreements for the future application of ECVET in the BSR as well as intensive use of the euro qualification passport


Target groups:
a) institutions: Managements and leading employees of the chambers; leading employees of educa-tional and further educational training centres; leading employees of the public administrations in charge of vocational education /
b) persons: Trainees as well as qualified employees.

The project consists of 2 steps. The 1st project stage contains cooperation and creation of the partner-ship between chambers and public authorities of the professional education in four regions/
Countries: Hamburg/Germany; Gdansk/Poland; Vilnius/Lithuania; Pori/Finland.
a) two-day workshop with all partners: Information brokering and agreements
b) practical application of ECVET with deepening of the principles/methods at the example of a spe-cial profession in the four regions/countries
c) construction of cross border cooperation and information platforms
d) evaluation of the applicability for other professions and other countries as well as development of an unbureaucratic ECVET application system for all professions/all partners in the BSR
The 2nd project stage contains a continuation and assignment of the results to all members of the Hanseatic Parliament in the 9 BSR countries.
e) workshop with all members of the Hanseatic Parliament and the public administration responsible for education and putting into action measures
f) Final workshop for the stabilization of the results and agreements on the realization
g) comprehensive information as well as documentation and multilingual publications of the results.

Expected results:
• Construction of a lasting partnership "vocational education" for credit point systems between chambers and authorities/ministries responsible for vocational education in the BSR
• Cross border cooperation and information platforms for the constant use
• Recessed information to aims, methods/procedures and meaning EQF and esp. ECVET
• Creation of an unbureaucratic system for the mutual appreciation of vocational degrees in the BSR
• Support of the introduction and constant use of an extended EURO qualification passport.

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