Baltic Supply

Improve your company's competitive advantage by joining the Interregional SME Supply Cluster along the Northeast Corridor

The BalticSupply project is aiming at creating better business opportunities for the many Small and Medium Sized (SMEs) businesses located in the Baltic Sea Region. The project is focusing on the European supply markets and wants to set up supporting structures for Baltic SMEs in order to give them better access to interregional supply markets in the North-Eastern Europe.

The project will set up virtual SME supply clusters that will help small and medium sized business to navigate through the procurement process from larger Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), such as private companies, public authorities and institutions, such as municipalities, hospitals, schools etc. The supply clusters will develop a comprehensive supply and tender infrastructure for the 3 industries: maritime industry, food and health, energy and public infrastructure. 


Through collaboration in two Interreg (European funded) projects, North Sea Supply Connect and Baltic Supply, the participating business support organizations from eighteen regions in twelve European countries have created the European Business Support Network (EBSN). The aim of this network is to support SMEs in their endeavor to enter the European market.


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Please find more information on the project website:


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