Hanseatic Conference 2010

"Educational Policy Strategies

today and tomorrow around Mare Balticum“

The Hanseatic Conference 2010 took place on 21.-23.10.2010 in Hamburg. In total 127 Persons from 11 Baltic Sea States participated in the event, and namely

- Members of the Baltic Sea Academy and further representatives of colleges and universities
- Members of the Hanseatic Parliament, as well as other representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises and economic organisations

- QUICK Project Partners

- Representatives of politics and administration, as well as other experts

- 8 journalists
- 16 stakeholders from the field of politics and administration

Presentations from the Hanseatic Conference 2010

Dr. Marzena Starnawska "Improvement of the cooperation among SMEs and with steakholders"

Zbigniew Lenart "Educational Sytem and experiences in Poland"
Dr. Silvia Stiller "Demographic trends and labour force supply"

Dr. Gabrielle K├Âtschau "Challenges and Opportunities for trainees and students in the BAltic Sea Region"
Prof. E. Severing "Development of the demand for labour forcesand requirements concerning qualifications for SMEs"